Marine Diesel Basics - videos

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  • How the book helps you with all the tasks
  • User Reviews  - Marine Diesel Basics
  • Maintenance
    • repairing a leak in the keel fuel tank
  • Sailing for people with disabilities in Vancouver

Michele Pippen, of Pippen Marine, has more than 36 years in the marine industry (cruising, racing and as a boat broker) in Australia and South East Asia.

Hong Kong sailor Morris Wong reviews Marine Diesel Basics 1
aboard his Vagabond 39 SV Wildflower.

The review is in Cantonese, with English subtitles.

Solo sailor and circumnavigator Gillie Davies talks about her passage across the Pacific and the value she places in Marine Diesel Basics 1.

Ron and Juliet Koopman have sailed more than 137,000 miles in their 35-year sailing career. 

They built their first boat, a 42-foot Norman Cross trimaran, in 4 years and launched from South Africa in 1976.


What does clean diesel darken over time?

Welcome to the world of asphaltenes

Why does clean diesel put into a clean tank darken over time?  Welcome to the world of asphaltenes - naturally occurring tar molecules which grow over time.

Maintenance - repairing a leak in the keel fuel tank

Complete video on the pinhole leak, keel tank construction, inspection and repair.

When the boatyard needed to move my boat SV Oceandrifter, the keel was accidentally bumped into a solid rubber block – chipping the edge of the keel and causing fresh water and then diesel to drain out…

episode 2

With almost 400 litres of fuel finally drained out, it was time to open up the top of the tank...

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