Ensuring your marine diesel system is reliable and robust

WHAT to do and WHEN

free illustrated checklists

HOW to do each task

222 pages, 300+ drawings
US$15.99 paperback $9.99 ebook

What is the Value of this Book?

This book explains, with over 300 illustrations, how to complete:
• all basic maintenance tasks of the marine diesel system – fuel, lubrication, cooling, breathing, electrical, and drive train (coupling, shaft, stern gland, strut, propeller)
• all the tasks to lay-up the complete diesel system of a vessel for winter (freezing conditions) and for tropical storage (high heat and humidity)
• all the tasks to recommission the diesel system before a vessel is relaunched

None of the tasks are difficult; time and effort invested in routine maintenance and proper lay-up and recommissioning help safeguard the entire system against sudden breakdowns, accelerated wear and catastrophic damage. The book treats marine diesel propulsion as a single system in which all the components – fuel, engine, lubrication, breathing, electrics, transmission, drive train – work together to reliably move a vessel in all conditions. The aim is to ensure the diesel system is reliable and robust.

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