Dipstick Diagnostics – Engine oil


What an Engine Dipstick Can Reveal About the Health of the Engine

The humble dipstick can reveal much about the internal condition of the engine.


Check engine condition with 5 simple checks on the dipstick. Marine Diesel Basics

Five Simple Checks

These five checks are easy to make every time the dipstick is pulled. Best practice is to write down the results in the engine Maintenance Log as this will reveal changes over time. What is "normal" varies from one engine to another, so identifying a trend is the simplest way to spot potential trouble.

If there is a potential problem, a sample of oil should be sent for professional analysis before the engine is taken apart. The problem may not be in the engine!

Any compromise in the quality of oil or oil circulation will have serious consequences for the operation and life of the engine; oil works harder in a diesel because of the higher compression pressures. Checking the oil level and its colour and consistency before every engine start-up, and changing oil and filter regularly , are the best ways to ensure good performance and long life.



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Dipstick inspection OIL LEVEL Marine Diesel Basics
Dipstick Inspection CHANGE IN LEVEL Marine Diesel Basics
dipstick inspection COLOUR (c) Marine Diesel Basics
Dipstick inspection CONSISTENCY (c) Marine Diesel Basics
Marine Diesel Basics

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