Restoring/Preserving Boats & Ships

All of us who enjoy sailing stand on the shoulders of seamen from time immemorial - and the gunnels of the vessels they sailed in.  We could not pursue our sailing dreams without the knowledge and skills they have handed down to us.  Fortunately, some of their venerable craft still exist; aboard them we can get a taste of sailing in times gone-by and try to imagine shipboard life in the days of wooden ships and iron men.

One way to demonstrate our gratitude is to help the volunteers and organizations willing to work today to restore and preserve these boats and ships of yesteryear. It's one way for modern sailors to give back a little of the great treasures we have received.

Please consider donating DIRECTLY to these organizations:

The list is growing, with the emphasis on smaller organizations. Suggestions very welcome.

Australia  (coming soon)

Canada (coming soon)

New Zealand (coming soon)

South Africa  (coming soon)

United Kingdom  (coming soon)

United States of America  (coming soon)

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