Marine Diesel Basics 1

3 Sections cover Maintenance, Lay-up and Recommissioning

  • 64 regular maintenance tasks
  • 46 tasks before lay-up (winterizing and tropical storage)
  • 42 tasks to recommission ("summerize") the complete system

Every section is divided into chapters covering each part of the complete diesel system (fuel, lubrication, electrics, stern gland, propeller etc.)

Every chapter starts with a table listing all the tasks covered, page references and frequency (as relevant)

All tasks are fully explained with clear drawings and minimal text

All the tools and supplies needed are illustrated for each task, as well as listed at the back of the book

All tasks (for maintenance, lay-up and recommissioning) are listed at the back of the book – by frequency, section and winterizing and heat & humidity

  • 300+ drawings, 222 pages
  • softcover US$15.99  £9.99  €12.99
  • ebook (kindle, kobo, ibooks, google, epub) US$9.99


Table of Contents – Marine Diesel Basics 1

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Value of the Maintenance Log

1  Maintenance – Engine Essentials 

Main Concerns
Task List
1  Visual Engine Room Inspection
2  Check Engine Oil Level
3  Check Belt Tension
4  Check Coolant/Antifreeze & Top Up as Needed
5  Check Transmission Fluid Level
6  Inspect Hoses and Hose Clamps
7  Fit & Inspect Chafe Protection
8  Inspect Wires and Wiring Terminals
9  Inspect Belts – Alternator, Coolant & Raw Water Pump
10  Inspect Pulleys (Sheaves)
11  Check Alignment of Belts & Pulleys
12  Adjust Pulley Alignment
13  Tighten Alternator and Water Pump Belts
14  Inspect & Repair Sound Insulation
15  Start Engine
Cautionary Tale

2  Maintenance – Diesel Fuel 

Main Concerns
Task List
Importance of Scrupulously Clean Fuel
Three Ways to Contaminate Diesel Fuel & Tanks
Preventing Fuel Contamination
1  Inspect Fuel Deck Fill
2  Add Biocide to the Fuel Tank(s)
Diesel Fuel Primary Fuel Filter
How Small is Small?
3  Change the Primary Fuel Filter
4  Change the Secondary Fuel Filter
5  Bleed the Diesel System
6  Check Diesel Tank(s) for Contamination
7  Inspect Injection Pump and Injectors
Cautionary Tale

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"Your book went down a storm earlier in the week with my students..."
C Power Training, Scotland

"the book I wish I had four years ago"

Jase Kovacs, (full review)

"This book should be required reading for anyone responsible for the maintenance of their own boat...
I recommend it to any boat owner but especially a sail boat owner who does their own maintenance."
Kindle reader

"Excellent, clear, concise and easy to follow. Highly recommended"
Amazon reader

"Dennison Berwick challenges boat owners to stop being so intimidated by their diesel engines and to realize that basic maintenance is actually easy...but you have to do it. He's right of course and this message was written with me in mind; a non-marine professional recreational yacht owner. His pictures were instructive and his positive attitude was inspiring... It is thoughtfully well written and the illustrations make this topic accessible. I recommend it highly."

Amazon reader

"I have the hard copy - brilliant. Totally recommend to all boat owners with diesel power, and to would-be, soon-to-be boat owners. Great for diesel mechanic students as an excellent quick reference."

Amazon reader (Australia)

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