Manuals for Bosch Diesel Fuel Pumps and Equipment 

Injection pumps are an essential part of diesel engines - delivering the correct amount of atomized fuel, at the right time in the right cylinder.  Robert Bosch invented an injection pump that was simple yet required incredibly accurate machining to work efficiently.

Injection pumps should be kept clean; however, there are no user-serviceable parts and all checks and maintenance should generally be done by a professional injection pump shop.


The manuals on this page are provided for public information and education and can be downloaded for free.  All copyrights belong to copyright holders stated in the documents.


Dennison Berwick at launch of Marine Diesel Basics 1 in Toronto, Canada

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Cover of Marine Diesel Basics 1
Rubber Impeller damage from Marine Diesel Basics

Marine Diesel Basics 1
shows how to do over 140 tasks:

•  explains all parts of the marine diesel system - fuel,
lubrication, breathing, electrics, stern gland, propeller etc.
•  300+ drawings, 222 pages
•  tasks are fully explained with clear drawings and minimal text
•  all tools & supplies needed are illustrated for each task
•  paperback US$15.99 £10.99 €12.99
•  ebook (kindle, kobo, ibooks, google, epub) US$9.99


Bosch Distributor VE Diesel Injection Pumps Technical Instruction

distributor fuel-injection pumps

VE pumps

66 pages

publ. April 1999


2 MB file

Bosch PE(S)-6 MW Injection Pump Service Manual

Service Manual

Model PE(S)-6 MW


59 pages
publ. September 1984


< 1 MB file

Bosch COVEC F diesel injection pump Service Manual

Service Manual
Adjustment and Inspection



55 pages
publ. July 2003
publ. no. EE14E-11190


2 MB file

Bosch In-Line diesel Injection Pump Information

In-Line Injection Pumps

General Information

Preparatory Steps         Remove
Install                              Finishing

Published by Cummins.

17 pages
publ. April 2006


< 1 MB file

Bosch VP30 Injection Pump Installation

Workshop Manual

VP30 Injection Pump
(extract from Perkins TPD1478E workshop manual)

6 pages
publ. - no date given


< 1 MB file


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