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Diesel System Inventory

  • click & fill parts numbers
  • makes & models
  • full system
  • saildrives

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Maintenance Checklist

  • clickable links & dates
  • tick off work done
  • checkboxes
  • enter next service dates


  • 50+ drawings
  • verify inspections
  • samples of equipment
  • drawings scalable


  • enter information as you work
  • tasks done & parts installed
  • troubleshooting details
  • 100 pages

Measures & Calculator

  • all common measurements
  • automatic conversions
  • formulas for all conversions

Bolts - metric & equivalent sizes

  • mm in decimal & fractional Inches
  • decimal & fractional inches in mm
  • tap and drill hole sizes


  • keep similar records together
  • all oil changes in one list etc.
  • click to 10 Summary Lists


  • detailed index
  • clickable links to references
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PLEASE NOTE:  This document has NO saving or printing restrictions. It is DOES NOT require a password.  Any restrictions that may appear are caused by either 1) the pdf app (use Xodo instead) or 2) settings on your device.

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What Do You Think?

The purpose of the Marine Diesel Basics project is to help you make your diesel system more reliable and robust - to make your time on the water even better.

Please write a review to give other sailors more information and a different perspective, and to help me improve all aspects of the project.

Many thanks,
fair winds & a reliable diesel,                            Dennison            

Great Book - Terrible eLogBook

1.0 rating
August 8, 2020

I bought Dennison Berwick’s Marine Diesel Basics to supplement my other texts (Nigel Calder, Peter Compton and Don Casey. I love the book and give 5 stars. So I thought I would further support Dennison and buy his eLogBook. I don’t normally buy any kind of software product that uses dongles or other kinds of “locks” on because from years of experience in the Tech industry I found that they are problematic and prone to programing and data loss. Well I have been proven correct in this regard. I spent quite a few hours entering data, saving the data occasionally to confirm that data was being entered and stored properly. Well today I the eLogBook and all my data is gone! Not only that, now I can no longer enter data into the eLogBook! It’s not that I have wasted $12 Canadian that upsets me, it is the senseless use of locking software and the inability to create backups of your data with this kind of software tool that I find discouraging. Coming from the Linux world of free and open source software funded by donations, I believe that this would have been a better model for Dennison to have used.
Bottom line, Buy the Book but avoid the eLogBook like it isthe plaque.

Bryan, SV Fire Storm


Reply to Bryan of SV Fire Storm:
I wish you had written to me to before posting this grossly inaccurate review.
To be clear – there are NO locks, NO passwords, NO restrictions of any sort (except changing the format and page layout).  I agree that restrictions are a huge nuisance and annoyance especially when we have paid for a product.  That’s why the eLogbook was specifically designed with NO restrictions.
I believe what you are referring to are restrictions introduced by whatever pdf software you are using – either the pdf app or settings on your own device. (For example Adobe Acrobat Pro requires a password to allowing entering or editing text which is why I caution against it.) I only recommend the free Xodo pdf app and have had no absolutely no problems with this software. If there is a problem using the Xodo pdf app I would like to hear directly so that it can be replicated and investigated.
Thank you for your kind words and review about the book, which I certainly appreciate. I’m currently working on book2.
In regards to the eLogbook, after working 100s of hours to make the eLogbook as valuable and easy to use as possible (given the current limits of pdf software) and deliberately with no restrictions, and hours and hours of testing on various devices, it is disappointing to have been dismissed so quickly on false assumptions, presumably in the heart of frustration.
PLEASE – if you have a problem with the eLogbook on your device, contact me directly so that we can sort it out any problem or difficulty in using.

No Service with the Product

1.0 rating
July 23, 2020

Cant get the download to work and no response from the site offering the product. Trid the Chat no response — tried direct email no response. Cancelling my order.

Marc King


My apologies that you were unable to reach me. Unfortunately I cannot be online 24/7. However I believe together we have sorted out the problem you were having and that now have the eLogbook working on your device.

Marine Diesel Basics 1 - A must-have technical guide book for beginners and professionals alike!

5.0 rating
May 18, 2020

Once again, Dennison Berwick has done it again! Marine Diesel Basic 1 Simply this book covers all and it delivers the most comprehensive, easy to understand and detailed information on all mechanical aspects and character of a diesel engine boat. Recommend to all boat enthusiast and professional mechanics alike.

Joel Flores, M/Y Alpha One, Sunseeker Manhattan 64 Philippines

A must-have technical guide for beginners and professionals!

5.0 rating
May 18, 2020

Once again, Dennison Berwick has done it again! Simply this book covers all and it delivers the most comprehensive, easy to understand and detailed information on all mechanical aspects and character of a diesel engine boat. Recommend to all boat enthusiast and professional mechanics alike.

Joel Flores, M/Y Alpha One, Sunseeker Manhattan 64

The most comprehensive and best eLogbook ever!

5.0 rating
May 4, 2020

What can i say? This logbook delivers it all, I’ve filled and set all the datas that i have on my Sunseeker Manhattan 64 yacht and i can say that it been arranged my data on a significant level, that i have never seen before! It’s user friendly and easy to understand. And plus, you can save paper! Thank you sir, for your hardwork! I will recommend this on other captains and fellow cruisers here in Subic, Olongapo City, Philippine! as we say it here in the Philippines, Mabuhay ka Dennison Berwick! #SailingPilipinas
Joel Flores, M/Y Alpha One, Sunseeker Manhattan 64

Joel Flores, M/Y Alpha One, Sunseeker Manhattan 64


Joel, many thanks for your kind words. I’m delighted you are finding the eLogbook so useful. Currently under lockdown in Thailand and working on book 2 in the Marine Diesel Basics series and will be heading to the Philippines over the next 12 months, all being well. Hope there will be an opportunity to meet up so that I can thank you in person. Dennison

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