Maintenance eLogbook

Maintenance eLogbook

Easy way to keep records & much more on your iPad, tablet or desktop

196 pages     •     50+ drawings     •     inventories     •     checklists     •     type entries     •     measures

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Diesel System Inventory

  • click & fill parts numbers
  • makes & models
  • full system
  • saildrives

Click photos to enlarge

Maintenance Checklist

  • clickable links & dates
  • tick off work done
  • checkboxes
  • enter next service dates


  • 50+ drawings
  • verify inspections
  • samples of equipment
  • drawings scalable


  • enter information as you work
  • tasks done & parts installed
  • troubleshooting details
  • 100 pages

Measures & Calculator

  • all common measurements
  • automatic conversions
  • formulas for all conversions

Bolts – metric & equivalent sizes

  • mm in decimal & fractional Inches
  • decimal & fractional inches in mm
  • tap and drill hole sizes


  • keep similar records together
  • all oil changes in one list etc.
  • click to 10 Summary Lists


  • detailed index
  • clickable links to references
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IMPORTANT:   The eLogbook uses fillable forms and requires a PDF app that supports this function, such as the free app Xodo PDF Reader & Editor. Acrobat Reader only supports this function on iPads and tablets when Fill & Sign is activated.

Please download this Maintenance eLogbook SAMPLE to check that the eLogbook will work on your devices (2MB file).

Although default PDF readers on devices will open the document, most do not support the interactive functions needed to write and to save the information entered in the text fields.

  • Older iPads that do not support iOS 11 will not support fillable forms
  • Follow this iPad Guide if you have trouble installing
  • Kindle or other ebook readers do not support fillable forms PDFs
  • Xodo does not support the Linux platform

PLEASE NOTE:  This document has NO saving or printing restrictions. It is DOES NOT require a password.  Any restrictions that may appear are caused by either 1) the pdf app (use Xodo instead) or 2) settings on your device.

Using Xodo, the eLogbook will function across platforms on iPads, Android and desktops.

However, these files have been optimized for different devices. Please select the device you will use the most often.



International date format

eg. 30-Aug-20

optimized for Android tablets

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USA date format

eg. 8/30/20

optimized for Android tablets

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International date format

TWIN Engines – 2 elogbooks

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USA date format

TWIN Engines – 2 eLogbooks

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optimized for iPads & desktops


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optimized for iPads & desktops

TWIN Engines – 2 ELogbooks

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sample – put your own vessel on the cover
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Free GUIDE How to Insert a Photo into the eLogbook using Xodo PDF

Maintenance eLogbook cover photo guide

the small print

  • you are buying a license to use the eLogbook on your personal devices – iPad, tablet and desktop
  • no restrictions to print or save for your personal use
  • this license does not allow sharing – which is an infringement of copyright
  • by buying you have satisfied yourself that the eLogbook will work to your satisfaction on your devices (open the free Sample to check)

What Do You Think?

The purpose of the Marine Diesel Basics project is to help you make your diesel system more reliable and robust – to make your time on the water even better.

Please write a review to give other sailors more information and a different perspective, and to help me improve all aspects of the project.

Many thanks,
fair winds & a reliable diesel,                            Dennison            

I am AMAZED!!!

Rated 5 out of 5
April 29, 2021

I am a 64 yr old newbie to learning marine diesel mechanics for taking care of the sailboat. So many people said I’d never learn. It was a struggle until this showed up on Kindle. What a God-send. I only wish the Troubleshooting guide was available to add to my library.
Highly recommend this for ALL boat owners (that is, ones with engines!😇)

Tyra Rathje

Best buy!

Rated 5 out of 5
February 4, 2021

Well structured, informative layout & content. Gave me the confidence to make a “working relationship” with my engine at last – Thank you!

David Felton

Great book, well worth the purchase.

Rated 5 out of 5
September 19, 2020

Easy-to-follow, ordered and informative drawings. Full coverage; learnt about a detail (heat exchanger anode) that was not mentioned during a 12-week intensive sailing course. Looking forward to books 2 and 3

Martin Whittle


Rated 5 out of 5
August 28, 2020

Fantastic book and logbook. I am a diesel virgin and when diesel died in a force 7 and trying to get to a safe harbour I reached for this book to walk me through the problems I find it easier to read and follow I do not need velocity numbers or oil efficiency or how to re build my engine upside down blindfolded I need simply problem solving and easy to follow instructions and this is the book for me . I also have calders book but I would be at the bottom of the ocean trying to find the info I needed in time. the log book is also great. I I can’t even read my hand writing so this is a great help and I can enter and follow maintenance over the year

duncan dowie

No Service with the Product

Rated 1 out of 5
July 23, 2020

Cant get the download to work and no response from the site offering the product. Trid the Chat no response — tried direct email no response. Cancelling my order.

Marc King
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