Value of a Maintenance Log

Why Keep a Maintenance Log

A Maintenance Logbook provides an accurate record of the status and servicing of all mechanical components on a vessel. Keeping a log is one of the most important, and easiest, ways to ensure the health and longevity of all the mechanical equipment. The more comprehensive and detailed, the more useful the logbook becomes over time.

Maintenance Log from Marine Diesel Basics

4 Main Functions of a Maintenance Log

The Maintenance Log on any vessel has four main functions:

  1.  early warning of potential problems. Most problems develop slowly and are simple to correct if caught early
  2. time and details of any changes in performance
  3. recording details of work done and equipment serviced
  4. system history – what was done, when, and by whom

A plain  A4 or Letter-sized notebook makes a practical Log. divide each double page spread into four columns:

  • date/time – especially useful when monitoring a developing problem over time
  • item – which component (e.g.  oil filter, alternator, transmission, propeller etc.)
  • notes – write down the details
  • follow-up – what further action needs to be taken?
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