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Inspect Engine Belts
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Value of a 
Maintenance Log

Belt/Pulley Alignment

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Maintenance – Engine Essentials

Main Concerns
Task List
1  Visual Engine Room Inspection
2  Check Engine Oil Level
3  Check Belt Tension
4  Check Coolant/Antifreeze & Top Up as Needed
5  Check Transmission Fluid Level
6  Inspect Hoses and Hose Clamps
7  Fit & Inspect Chafe Protection
8  Inspect Wires and Wiring Terminals
9  Inspect Belts – Alternator, Coolant & Raw Water Pump
10  Inspect Pulleys (Sheaves)
11  Check Alignment of Belts & Pulleys
12  Adjust Pulley Alignment
13  Tighten Alternator and Water Pump Belts
14  Inspect & Repair Sound Insulation
15  Start Engine
Cautionary Tale

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