Cover of Marine Diesel Basics 1
Marine Diesel Basics 2 Boat Buyer's Guide how Things Work cover
Marine Diesel Basics 3 Boat Buyer's Guide, How Things Work, Tools & Techniques
Marine Diesel Basics 4 Marine Mechanic's Know-how, Advanced Techniques


Winter Protection
Tropical Storage
Spring Recommission

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How Things Work
How to Install Components
Boat Buyer's Guide

Prioritizing Upgrades

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& How to Fix It

Marine Mechanic's Know-how
Advanced Techniques

MARINE DIESEL BASICS – visual guides to the complete marine diesel system on recreational vesssels

  • see what to do before tackling any job
  • easy-to-follow explanations of all components - how they work, why they are important, what can do wrong
  • clear illustrations showing how to choose, install and service all components
  • fast track up the learning curve with these practical, in-depth guides
  • suitable would-be boatowners, students, experienced sailors and marine mechanics
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