Diesel Injection Pump

Importance of the Injection Pump

The injection has three functions, without which the engine could not run or would not run efficiently. Each function, though simple in concept requires sophisticated engineering and an extremely high precision of machining. 

  1. increase fuel pressure to overcome spring in fuel injector
  2. deliver an exact amount of fuel
  3. precise timing - exact moment in combustion cycle and for precise length of time
Injection Pump with Labels from Marine Diesel Basics

Don't Neglect the Injection Pump

Injection pumps require minimal maintenance, however they should not be neglected.

  • avoid "tinkering" with the injection pump.Any adjustment should be made by a professional injection pump shop
  • check if injection pump has its own dipstick – check oil level monthly & top up
  • check if the governor has its own dipstick – check oil level monthly & top up
  • keep area around pump and pipes clean and clear of dirt
  • identify STOP lever (in case cable or solenoid fails)
  • every 500 hours  (see engine manual)  verify injection pressures and spray pattern – should be done in a professional shop
  • check for any fuel leak before and after start-up 

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