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Portrait of Dennison Berwick, creator of Marine Diesel Basics

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Keep your engine reliable and ready for all conditions – don't disappoint them.

Maintenance, Lay-Up, Tropical Storage, Recommission – easy visual how-to - 180+ task

Maintenance Logbooks – Single and Twin engine installations – 50+ drawings, available in 5 languages. Keeping a logbook is one of the simplest and easiest ways to improve the maintenance of your engine(s).

 Maintenance eLogbook

Use your iPad, tablet or desktop:

  • record all work done as you're working
  • plan tasks with clickable scheduling
  • belts, filters & parts numbers in one place
  • smart summaries of oil, impeller changes etc.
  • real-time calculators for most conversions & measures
  • metric, fractional and decimal inch conversions

196 pages  $7.99       learn more & download free sample

$11.99 for twin engine installations (copies of the eLogbook)


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Dennison Berwick at launch of Marine Diesel Basics 1 in Toronto, Canada

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