Welcome to Crossword #1 

Puzzles make for easy learning - have fun completing puzzles while also learning about marine diesel systems:

  • crosswords
  • word puzzles
  • anagrams
  • spot the differences
  • picture puzzles


Marine Diesel Basics 1
shows how to do over 140 tasks:

•  explains all parts of the marine diesel system - fuel,
lubrication, breathing, electrics, stern gland, propeller etc.
•  300+ drawings, 222 pages
•  tasks are fully explained with clear drawings and text
•  tools & supplies needed are illustrated for each task
•  paperback US$15.99 £10.99 €12.99
•  ebook (kindle, kobo, ibooks, google, epub) US$9.99

How to Complete this Crossword:

A)   click on each blue square to type in your answers. Download the crossword (completed puzzles are not saved on the website).

B)   download, print and write answers on paper.

 *interactive pdfs can be completed on a phone, tablet or computer

Navigate the Crossword:

  • clues are on page 2 - below the crossword page
  • scroll UP and DOWN - grey scroll bar on right side
  • zoom IN and OUT - click + / - on bottom right of document
  • download - hover at top of document, click on right side
  • print - hover at top of document, click the printer icon
  • send to others/share - click on a coloured icons along the bottom of the page


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