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Seeing is understanding! With more than 300 illustrations, the first book in the series explains:

1) all basic maintenance tasks of the marine diesel system - fuel, lubrication, cooling, breathing, electrical, and drive train (coupling, shaft, shaft seal, propeller)

2) all the tasks to winterize the complete system and to prepare for tropical storage (high heat and humidity)

3) all the tasks to recommission (“summerize”) the system to ensure reliable and trouble-free service

  • step-by-step instructions in clear, simple drawings
  • explains all parts of the system
  • lists all necessary tools and supplies to get each task done
  • covers sailboats, motorboats and narrowboats
  • indirect and direct cooled diesel engines
  • saildrives – maintenance, lay-up, recommissioning

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"...a very, very comprehensive coverage of the subject...this is as good a guide as you'll get...Highly recommended."                 Australian Sailing magazine, Oct-Nov 2017

“Thoughtfully well written and the illustrations make this topic accessible.
I recommend it highly.”

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