Marine Diesel Basics

Get help to maintain the marine diesel on your boat

Clear instructions show you how to accomplish more than 140 tasks

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Parts of a typical inline injection pump
Inspecting a rubber impeller of a raw water pump, page 65

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280+ technical words accurately translated into French, Spanish Russian with many more to come 

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No-one buys a boat to spend time in the engine room. Marine Diesel Basics explains - with more than 300 simple drawings - how to accomplish all the tasks to enjoy trouble-free motoring - on motorboats, sailboats and canal boats.

Marine Diesel Basics 1 book 3D Cover +iPad


  • how to service the engine and all accessories - filters, pumps, batteries, couplings, stern glands, propellers etc.
  • how to winterize and recommission
  • how to lay-up in hot or humid conditions
  • tools, supplies and techniques for every task
  • build practical knowledge and self-confidence
  • available in paperback and Kindle, iBooks, Google, Kobo
  • 222 pages.   US$15.99    £10.99   €12.99


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"Best marine diesel maintenance book out there...I read every marine diesel book I can get my hands on. This one is my favorite--right to the point..Very helpful illustrations and helpful charts The best part is that Mr. Berwick understand the little real-life issues you will encounter when you actually go to do that job, and he has great suggestions for dealing with them...Highly recommended." 

Dave N.  Amazon (verified purchase)

"Excellent book, straight forward and to the point.
A must on any sailboat!"

Robert Edwards,

"...clearly knows the subject intimately and has the rare gift of being able to transfer his knowledge to the reader in an extremely easy-to-understand manner."

Dick McClary, editor Sailboat Cruising, issue #41, January 2018

"...laid out in a way that just makes sense. It is a joy to read and assimilate."

Michael Erkkinen, personal review  December, 2017.

"a brilliant book that should be part of the boat’s library for everybody... attention to detail will make this book ideal for those who are not especially experienced and yet are entirely capable of maintaining their engines themselves

Overall, this book is highly recommended for anybody who has a diesel engine aboard their boat."
Nautical Mind blog post, November 2017

"Berwick’s guide is a huge asset for those wishing to get a little more hands on in the engine room due to its simple, visual is essential material for anybody just starting out on diesel engines due to its clear illustrations. It would have saved me hundreds of hours of researching and watching long-winded YouTube videos when I began tackling our own power plant. Even after 5 years of full-time cruising and engine maintenance I discovered a number of new tips and tricks in this guide. I highly recommend it."

Good Old Boat, fall 2017

"...enormous amount of useful information...The accompanying illustrations make the book a very helpful reference work...everything is covered."

Zeilen (Dutch sailing magazine) October 2017

"...a very, very comprehensive coverage of the subject...this is as good a guide as you'll get...Highly recommended."
Australian Sailing magazine, Oct-Nov 2017

"Very useful, practical and to the point, a must on every boat. Good job Capt Berwick !! Write some more books."
Hristo Papakonstantopoulos

"This book should be required reading for anyone responsible for the maintenance of their own boat...
I recommend it to any boat owner but especially a sail boat owner who does their own maintenance."
Kindle reader

"Your book went down a storm earlier in the week with my students..."
C Power Training, Scotland

"Excellent, clear, concise and easy to follow. Highly recommended"
Amazon reader

"Dennison Berwick challenges boat owners to stop being so intimidated by their diesel engines and to realize that basic maintenance is actually easy...but you have to do it. He's right of course and this message was written with me in mind; a non-marine professional recreational yacht owner. His pictures were instructive and his positive attitude was inspiring... It is thoughtfully well written and the illustrations make this topic accessible. I recommend it highly."

Amazon reader

"I have the hard copy - brilliant. Totally recommend to all boat owners with diesel power, and to would-be, soon-to-be boat owners. Great for diesel mechanic students as an excellent quick reference."

Amazon reader (Australia)

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