Marine Diesel Basics
visual help for your marine diesel system

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See HOW to do maintenance tasks

Maintenance, Lay-up, Recommission
222 pages, 300+ drawings
US$17.99 paperback $11.99 ebook

Marine Diesel Basics 1 2nd ed. covers

MANUALS for engines, pumps, seacocks, alternators etc.

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Technical Word Lists
multiple languages
280+ words, 50+ drawings

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diesel & boat maintenance

Marine Diesel Basics 1

  • 2nd edition, 8,000+ copies sold
  • VISUAL guide to maintenance, lay-up & recommission
  • 140+ tasks step-by-step
  • Maintenance, Lay-up, Recommission
  • 300+ drawings
  • paperback, hardcover and spiral bound
  • Kindle, iBooks, Google, Kobo  $9.99 – $11.99
  • 222 pages.   US$17.99 and $24.99
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